poetry slam the car door on my balls

wait fuck

i hate whiny fuckin blogs like this, but i can't afford a therapist

sorry, guys

((tag me as dan mcneely))

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hey guys wanna see 9 really good albums i could listen to the entirety of over and over even though no one asked?

(okay dirkkawaii did sorta but)

The Front Bottoms-(self-titled) [x]
Futret- Gay Deer World Takeover [x] (free)
Cake- Pressure Cheif [x]
Everything Everything- Man Alive [x] 
Ima Robot- Monument to the Masses [x] 
Ludo- Prepare The Preparations [x]
Mother Mother- Eureka [x]
The Queenstons- Figurehead (remastered) [x] (free)
Of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? [x]